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Kondotto Care is an IT Framework in the cloud that fast tracks development of applications, alerts, and business rules... Used by startups and established software consultants to cut costs for Aged Care and Medical Applications... residential, hospital and home care.

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Information saves lives!

From consumers and families to medical professionals, the modern world demands more transparency from Healthcare providers.

Ideas to Action!

Kondotto Care is an open platform for app development.

Unifying the Care Team

Keep the Care Team, family and allied health providers informed 24/7

Easy Integration

Connect any data source; business intelligence at your fingertips!

Transformation without risk

Become more agile, adaptable and innovative with less risk and cost.

  • Faster app development for startups.
  • Faster innovation for fast-growth SMEs.
  • Transform legacy systems for the cloud.

Modernize your systems without risk of cost blowouts

Whether you are a care facility manager,  IT consultant or CIO,  you’ll want to hear more about the next generation of healthcare application development.

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My technicians report on damage direct from the field and book their next appointments. No more weekends spent on manual data entry!

Kim SmithCustomer Evangelist

You don't need to be skilled in or understand specific coding languages for not only computer systems but for other technologies that control internet access, such as communications devices, mobile platforms and so on...

C. ConwayIoT and more...

All my client matter filing works like magic with Kondotto in the cloud.

Adrian Cartland, AiliraLegal Professional

Timesheets make client reporting and invoicing so simple – one easy to use and customise app tool.

Isabel TehelPR Consultant

I can treat all my customers as true individuals by combining my CRM with custom scheduling using Kondotto.

Andrea TimmsProperty agent