Fast, Flexible Robotic Process Automation for IT Consultants

Do you wish you could provide your clients with more control over their operations, without breaking their budget?

Would you like to know more about a faster, more flexible way to innovate?

Kondotto offers an efficient business/robotic process automation (BPA/RPA) service in the cloud for an affordable monthly fee (SaaS) – so that you can effectively transform your clients’ business systems.

What makes us different from other RPA systems?  Our customers do not use code, add code, or generate code.

Kondotto Studio enables configurable, data-driven programming in the cloud, so that you can ‘clone’ existing business rules, triggers and alerts … or build new ones … in a flash.

Step 1:  Hook up your data sources, whether private APIs, databases or HTML (we even have a suite of configurable public APIs ready to go)

Step 2: Choose a Data Command or write a new one

Step 3:  Choose or Define Conditions or Triggers

Step 4: This depends on the task – we have a framework for email and SMS messaging; or you may simply be sending data back to a database

Step 5: Go Live.

Interested to know more? Ask us about partner  opportunities today.

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